Bad Faith Litigation

Multimillion dollar verdicts, often in excess of stated policy limits, are a reality facing carriers on a more frequent basis. Even in those cases where there is a true “good faith defense” to the underlying claim or lawsuit claim, carriers are being held responsible for excess verdicts based on various theories under the ever increasing wide sweep of the concept of “bad faith.” The defense of bad faith litigation requires knowledge of the law of “bad faith,” both statutory and judicial, and knowledge of the subject matter of the underlying claim or lawsuit. Our attorneys have decades of experience in the defense of negligence, contract and tort claims as well as experience in the defense of bad faith litigation. We bring that experience to a team-oriented defense in this ever increasing area of litigation. We are retained because of our litigation background and our aggressive defense strategy. We are prepared to litigate when necessary and respond to our client’s needs. Additionally, we are retained as a result of our ability to effectively advocate our client’s position and our candid evaluation of our client’s legal position resulting in a fair settlement.  The firm’s approach to bad faith litigation is a combination of traditional litigation (hands on attention to detail) with state of the art computer-based litigation software and techniques.

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